Airtime is the new cash

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Send or request airtime from anyone with a mobile phone in the simplest way possible.


All transactions require a temporary security code sent to your mobile phone by SMS.


It's totally free. There are no commissions and no hidden costs.

Around the world

To anyone with a mobile phone. That's all you need




Our betas are fully operational, but we maintain the countries in beta until we operate with the key Telecom Operators of the country and we reach a wide coverage of the population

(*) Once Coowry operates in your country, you’ll be able to exchange airtime with customers and merchants anywhere in the world

Working with world-class telecoms around the globe


Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can exchange airtime with anyone who is a customer of the Telecom Operators that are part of Coowry.

Of course! Coowry works for both prepaid (pay as you go) and postpaid mobile phones.

You don’t need to do anything. The registration is done implicitly when you send or receive your first trade. Once this happens, you’ll have access to all your history and activity.

Coowry is a global and interoperable system. This means you can send and receive airtime from a customer of any of the member Operators from anywhere in the world.

There are no extra costs or fees when you exchange airtime through Coowry. If you send $1, the other end receives $1.

All transactions are done in real time.

Coowry operates with micropayments, which means a maximum of $10 per trade or the equivalent in your local currency.

You can do so right from your dashboard, where you can also check on your current balance.


You don't need to install any extra apps.

Send and request airtime through our web, email, Twitter, Telegram, or by claiming your .me public page.

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